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Date:2003-10-13 03:37
Subject:new LJ name

Ok I have a new livejournal name- drinkthepunch
because really, whats better than joining a cult?

so update-

I'm going to see how this plays out and figure out what to do with this lj- i don't want to delete it, but i don't want to lingering like a ghost.

still monkeypants

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Date:2003-10-09 13:20
Subject:rise and shiners and good coffee- is there anything better? probably, but I can afford this.

aol im is broken. i hate this computer even more. i would like to just put this out into the public- if I am not home, do not use my computer- in fact, don't go in my room- it freaks me out and I don't like people going through my shit. Thank-you

Saw string cheese incident last night- mid way through I said to myself "Wait, you hate jam bands!" but thank you for the ticket Lily- i like the tribute.

In better news- MARGARET FUCKING CHO! THE NOTORIOUS C.H.O! THE CHO REVOLUTION! is coming to school tonight!raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk!

back to the bad news- the letters I type for livejournal keep popping up in different paragraphs. great. because i needed a comp virus right now.


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Date:2003-10-08 02:07
Subject:i think i need to leave the country for a bit, or just do my laundry

instead of doing homework and prepping for papers- I watched a full season of six feet under and hid in my room. it was glorious and a self-inflicting. here's my theory- smoking cigarettes is a socially accepted at of self-inflicting violence, as if we were in a world in which we could openly discuss our cutting or bleaching our teeth with Crest White Strips after throwing up in the third bathroom stall... or so I hear.

Lately I've been feeling emotional for no good reason, like menopausal with my period. I saw that my coat didn't have a certain section that I need for snowboarding and I got so fucking down I had to call home. odd.

but i will say this- the time for a new livejournal name is coming.
i will also add this Billy Stump sucks- why- because up until two weeks ago he was "fuck livejournal, I don't want to read that shit"- oh oh oh welcome to the fold william.

oh yeah, just found out a good friend has kidney stones and is on percocet. PERCOCET PEOPLE PERCOCET is down the hall from me. oh jesus it hurts... know just the thing to fix that right up.

I saw the exorcist -full spiderwalk- version and texas chain saw massacre back to back by myself and now i can't sleep. thoughts of religion are plaguing me now. I wake up drenched with sweat and sleep with the lights on, four the full five hours i can sleep. i'm getting worried. i want to visit the catholic center, but I'm afraid that i will say "hi my name's Portia and I need the guidence of a pedophile...i mean preist"

i like a boy named joe. he thinks i am strange. he is really intelligent and when i'm around him i walk into things or babble about how great the mail is. whenever he sees me he says "so whats up with stalking me?" -thats my fucking line. and i wish i had the gall to stalk him, as it is I can't even look him in the eye right now. so people do the stalking for me- find out if joe from school of thought has a girlfriend in c-high because that's where I always see him.

in closing- motherfuck you rock but i wish you would update your journal a bit so i can see how the snow is treating you.ps. write back bitch!


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Date:2003-10-05 22:27
Subject:i like being a jobless bum- so what.

oh i am already playing catch up with my homework- how horrible. i wish i had a de lorean, and at the end of the day I would say "why don't you have hover boards?". lauren i got your letter and the only words in my vocab to describe how much i miss you is to say "i miss you- very very much"- plus socially, politically I feel like I am going through the same pull.- you will get an email from me. I leave you with this " If Gabriel wants to rollerblade to the Chelsea Piers, then Gabriel is going to rollerblade, or else the terrorist have truly won - where does that voice come from" Where the fuck does that voice come from? And whenever I ask people they look at me like I'm going to burn a pride flag on their front lawn. jeezus pcness can sure run duct tape across your mouth.
everyday just confirms that no one truly understands me or what i need or mean.


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Date:2003-10-04 19:52
Subject:20 scoops later...

gawdam that was a lot of ice cream! Bravo troops for walking through the freezing rain in flipflops. thank god for shelley's plan to wake and bake. just organized everything in my room and vacuumed the suite- which was so fucking gross i hated to walk in our living room. how can people live like this- quite easily actually, but it still makes me feel gross when my shoes stick to the carpet. So, you know what I love? Waking up to the sounds of my roomate have sex and pounding into the wall that we share. Know what I love even more? Sleeping in the lounge and worrying about being assaulted in the laundry room! college- highschool certainly didn't hold the best years of my life, and if college is suppose to I'm committing hari-kari upon graduation day.


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Date:2003-10-03 19:00
Subject:no dvd player no!

my dvd player is broken and god it kills me. because i needed another reason to hate Dell. tomorrow- my program is particpating in the Vermonster-



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Date:2003-09-30 19:22
Subject:and thats that.

saw irreversible. forver changed to a darker shade of reality. really wish that i hadn't seen it, but appreciative of the fact that I could.


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Date:2003-09-29 19:21
Subject:ice ice baby- da nah nah nah nah nuh nah nuh....
Mood:my eyes sting.this is constant

- just have this to say- I hated the 80's when I was in the 80's and I hate the sweater on the shoulder revival we've got going on now. the 80's were an ugly time, aesthetically, politically and socially- reganomics and the explosion of aids and fucking MASH whenever I turned on the goddamn tv. ontop of it school was filled with nothing but lies, making us wear brown paper bag bonnets to be pilgrims and have pb&j (which i will never eat) with the indians. and thats what they were in the indians. The only fucking good thing to come out of the 80's was Krush Groove, breakdancing, Afrocentrism, early punk that actually had social commentary-not just the image of spikes and the fucking garbage pail kids. - no clue where this outburst came from but i felt that you had to know.

nearly slammed my comp into cinderblocks out of frustration and had to physically leave the room to calm my self down. so the comp was broken- not going to go into it because of the whole sketchiness behind erawyps. met some amazing guys down at the depot, very funny- seeing movie with one tomorrow. seeing irreversible tonight. last night- no good- lets look for a better night tonight shall we? everyone? its getting cold in vt. who knew a ten dollar hoodie could keep you so warm. oh wait, i knew.

postscript-post 80's- i miss Clarissa Explains it All, ghostwriter and Roundhouse. 321 Contact was fucking hot.


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Date:2003-09-26 00:25
Subject:but who are you? i am no one.
Mood:guilt ridden

i'm in this strange juxtaposition- between who i am and what i want. what i was raised with and then dealing with outcome. had a great conversation with D on the things we want out of life, wanting to travel more and be surrounded by bullshit less. i am a chronic procrastinator and i know that even if i had the chance to do it all over again, the end would be pretty much the same. is it wrong taking the easy road in life? what if that road is paved with other people, i guess its easier to walk when you don't look down. I've been looking down for a long time and the images are eating away at my brain.

here is an example- a rant on the evils of big business and corporations killing off the moms and pops, complaining about the sprawling walmarts. but isn't that taking an elitist stance- people shop at walmart because its cheap, an overwhelming majority of this country is just getting by. as privileged college students, what right do we have to say "people should shop at this type of store" when our lifestyles don't back up that stance. yeah we live in a 10x12 foot prison, but its a prison with a roof, food, cable, heat and running water. on the other hand, by not acknowledging the damage that certain business and practices have done, doesn't that aid in the problem, are we not just turning our heads because it has nothing to do with us?

fuck i have a lot of homework and two essays that are just staring back at me. i wish that i had some answers, but i have a feeling that not many people care about what i'm talking about because they are too busy wishing they were on tv.


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Date:2003-09-25 13:51
Subject:motherfuck the wagon come join the band

i just threw up bacon. i think this may be a sign that my meat eating days are coming to an end. off to watch the exorcist. this is what i love uvm. watching the exorcist is homework. writing essays on the setup and plot twist of the west wing and er- this is homework. dealing with hippie-crits is not homework, but another aspect of uvm.

Ok- this is my list. jacket, boots, board , bindings free weekends, dvdr's more cdrs and a laptop. if we kidnap the presidents wife, they've got to give it up right? right?! whose with me- no one, just as well. I'll see you in 10 to 20.

p.s- outkast's new albums are so fucking good. don't download it, buy it. - another note, i have a feeling this weekend is going to be intense, the storms have been brewing for sometime now.

note to self- no more speed. it does not help, it just makes everything happen a bit quicker than it should.


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Date:2003-09-25 01:12
Subject:You're half a good idea and I'm half a good trip
Mood:i stomped the beans myself !

To write to write to write tourettes... thank you guatam!

oh you don't want your man to go without his political bellweather do ya baby= god i want to jump John Stewart when he's walking to his car from the grocery store...

I would like to welcome myself back to the open arms of purchasing cd's again. god i forgot the feeling you get when you walk into a really good music store and search through the bins for that perfect find...feels like clean sheets when you get it.

Saw and talked to Alix Olson and Pamela Means (i love you and the revolution rhetoricv) tonight. amazing. and if we were talking about corn it would be amaizing...

so many good books coming in the mail- so many great movies to see. life is just- life is coming home after an easy day of school, feeling all chill and then flipping on the tv and having a Different World come on. Life is waking up early then realizing its saturday and your don't have shit to do.

wait i have a lot of shit to do- three papers all on friday and a math test... life is slowly choking the life out of me.- on a new math note, my homework assignment talked about bling, and nelly's necklace on thugfashion.com- yes i am now painfully aware that i am indeed in the special class.

and i love it.


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Date:2003-09-22 17:11
Subject:hey kid

L: I got your package- had a map quiz for stillwel today- khoikhoi and xhosa and the kalahari desert, thank you that was so sweet! " It means, these colors don't run" the cake and cookies scare me, but i will color on them instead of eating them and save them.


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Date:2003-09-21 14:34
Subject:neveragain. never nevernever again.

alcohol poisioning. i remember bits and pieces of how awful it was. the iv drip was quite lovely though, thank you random nurse. i love love love everyone in filtered image and ms. stebbins of math and engineering- happy birthday to you indeed. I only remember yelling at a doctor to shut all the music off and according to amanda and gautam i just kept repeating 42 Dennis Drive over and over again- as if my mind reverted to the basics of my knowledge and all i needed to feel good was home. thank you id for beating out the ego- the superego has yet to develop, but we all knew that.


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Date:2003-09-20 12:26
Subject:Inspired by Super_Jew

This is in tribute to everyone from home- ta ta kids, have a great weekend!

You know your from Westcheter if...

1. Below 1400 is a "so-so" SAT I score

2. You recall your Jamaican /Hispanic/British nanny with great fondness- haaaaaaaaaa no.

3. Your sixteenth birthday present: Jeep Wrangler- or jetta

4. Abercrombie and Fitch, enough said

5. Sheltered. And you know it.

6. Your mother went to a great college, and now does nothing

7. Dave Matthews, again, enough said

8. You don't know anyone who lives in Yonkers. Even though it's the biggest city in WestchesterCounty

9.You were used to having every jewish holiday off with absolutely no homework.

10. You're no more than three degrees from knowing someone sort of famous and/or powerful--ex: joan lunden, arnolddiaz, editor of the NY times, president clinton, kenneth cole, mario cuomo, royal family of monaco.

11. You tried to use the metro-north commuter pass of your parents when going to the city with friends, only to have the conductor point out that it is a commuter pass for a member of the opposite sex.

12. You say that you are 15 minutes out of the city, regardless of where you live.

13. You make sure to point out that you bought a particular garment at the wesschesstah."

14. You lost a major source of shopping when Caldors closed, and either:
a) are bitter about its closing or
b) deny you ever shopped there out of embarassment.

15. Unlike every other area in the New York metro area, you believe that people from Westchester"really don't have accents."

16. In High School, you did no work, got excellent grades (on a scale where 90 was considered failing) yet were still "soooooooo stressed out."

17. You have fallen asleep and slid off the shiny metro-north seats onto the floor.

18. If you drove a Honda in 10th Grade and everyone called it the "Ghettomobile"

19. You watched Clueless for the first time and you could identify every character to a REAL person you knew.

20. You went to Starbucks before it was cool.

21.You started smoking when you were 15 and drinking a few months later

22. You know there are like 40 movie theatres on Central Avenue but  you'll still drive 20 minutes to stay away from there!

23. You drank at O'Briens when you were 15

24. You only go into the Galleria to go to Old Navy.

25. Half of your wardrobe is from Lord & Taylor

26. Most of your friends went to a private single sex catholic prep school named after a college somewhere else

27. You don't know how to get anywhere if you can't use the Hutch

28. You know how to go through Larchmont so you don't have to pay the toll on 95

29. Your cleaning lady had to show you how to use the washing machine before you went away to college

30. A least one of your best friends has a parent that works for the United Nations

31. You consider anything North of White Plains" Upstate"

32. Someone calls Boston Post Road"Route 1" and you have NO CLUE what they're talking about

33. You knew Playland before it turned Ghetto

34. It took you 3 years to figure out that RyeBeachand Playland were lame.

35. You know where Walter's Hot Dog stand is

36. Your familiy belonged to both a golf club AND a beach club (or yacht club) and all you did was eat dinner there once a month.

37. You always end up at a diner

38. You would spend 9.50 to see a movie

39. Learned another language due to conversing with your cleaning lady

40. Jones Beach is the best place to see concerts

- monkeypants-

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Date:2003-09-19 12:15
Subject:guns bitches and weed

ok my my suitemates just came into my room piggy backing. odd- i have class. pretzles are embedded in my teeth. getting irreversible today- this weekend is going to be so sweet. shelley won't call me force. i spent last night drawing one box comics. chris i can't believe your pierced your dick. ouch times ten. zach zach zach i will go to a pirate party with you anyday. international talk like a pirate day is on- "aye mate, looks like scurvy" is my phrase.


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Date:2003-09-19 02:07
Subject:i want you to make it sound like im on the moon and i have a microphone

hey kids. hey hey hey kids. ok two in the morning and i broke my own rule of smoking and drinking seven hours before school- shame shame shame. i just met sage francis. i shook his hand. i sang along with makeshift patriot. oh jessus this pot is good. according to di violence is not the answer. shelley just smacked her. hmmmmmm i met sage i meat sage i met sage. i feel like throwing up v8 splash. the smell of kelloggs nutrigrain bar is intoxicating. i am dizzy with delirium. lauren lauren i will call you in the morning before you leave, before i start to fall asleep. new zealand new zealand new zealand i will go to new zealand.

And then theres Ferraris and Elephants. Bombay must be a fun place!

ok that babble was from gautam. best saying today was :if you can't duct it, fuck it." sarah- sage says hi.- and "please someone take this away from shelley- she's a hufflepuff1"- diana- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh mygod- di called shelley a hufflepuff because she bogartst he piece like pie. i dig my suitemates a spoon is ome pudding. jesus i havt too much fucking homework to cope with. i thought someone took my juice, but it turn out i dranl it. oh i made3 dinner tonight for the first time this semester... for the first time in a couple months..i think it came out pretty damn good. sticky rice rocks. the japanese fucking rock. my neck feels like a key in a lock. will knock an alphabet off its block.


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Date:2003-09-17 12:04
Subject:not the last post afterall

I scored a 63% on the "How UVM are you?" Quizie! What about you?</b>

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Date:2003-09-17 11:35
Subject:god i should be doing homework

I think you are more UVM if you live in the dorms and a big chunk of UVM if you live in L/L or slade- thank god the manure smell was not heavy this year and everyone orders from 4star because its too fucking cold to walk anywhere. new ro- try this quiz and you will see why when I'm home I yell at people for not recycling. miss you guys and all the rampant materialism soooo much! sam keep the dvd's coming! ok last post of today iswear to god i will do my homework now.


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Date:2003-09-17 11:25
Subject:my math class

today in class we measured our ears. my teacher thought that it would be great if there was an ear measuring device(besides rulers) that said "beep beep beep maximum"- we all laughed and thought that it would be great. in one previous class students ate cheetos as an activity. i love my class, thought i have this nagging feeling that I am retarded.

monkeypants- whose right ear is 60mm and left ear is 58mm.

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Date:2003-09-16 01:03
Subject:my eyes sting my ice thing

fuck you bookstore- i have greenwich. oh god oh god i love amazon and half.com- sarah- what is femme and what is facade. creating an image to fall into a category that binds us, or is freedom from such actually binding yourself so that you have no "feminine" attributes- which we all know with D's is damn near impossible.

In Heaven.
You're mysterious, picky, and a bit aloof. Some people say you have a very cheery personality, but it's hard to say because you mask your emotions behind dark pretenses. You enjoy watching obscure movies and going to plays, but by the end of the day you're usually too wound-up by the ironies of your life to relax.
Which Pixies song are you?


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